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The Hottest Song

Atlanta's DJ List 

Below is a list of some of Atlanta's hottest Hip Hop DJs. These are the DJs that break records.  The DJ is not dead.  The DJs are in full effect.  If you got a hot record in Atlanta and need to get it broke, where do you go?  The Strip Club.  We work as a unit.  The DJ in the Strip Club will get it poppin.  If the girls are making money when the songs on, it is a hit.  After the strip club, we bring it to the Radio DJs.  We aint dead! You just need to step your music up!

Stay tuned because the list is always growing.  If you feel you should be on this list send us an email and tell us why.

DJ Jelly, DJ X-RATED, DJ Kool Ade

DJ X-RATED and DJ Kool Ade
DJ Smooth

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