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The Hottest Song


:: Taking It Back ::

X-Rated's unexpected exit from the NFL, which was prompted by two consecutive injuries to the left hamstring, forced the Auburn grad to exercise some other options. Arriving in Atlanta at the end of 2000, it wouldn't be long before a bond was formed with Atlanta's favorite past time. After spending entire shifts at Pin-Ups in Decatur, X-Rated became intrigued by the art of spinning. He eventually was put on staff once refusing to go home. A short while and a stint at Blueflame later, the young apprentice returned to Pin-Ups to host their amateur night. X-Rated made a name for his self as he quickly became known as the funny DJ. He won over crowds week after week.

:: Fast Forward ::

Equipped with over 20,000 CDs, a long way from the three lonely CD's that used to be in heavy rotation, X-Rated made appearances at various clubs such as; Dream Girls, Platinum 21, Strokers and 24 K. But it was the re-opening of Club Body Tap on the Westside that gave X-Rated the chance he was waiting for. Choosing not to follow the styles of other DJs, X Rated's original style of mixing along with his comedy helped him to stand out. Today DJ X-Rated and Body Tap are one in the same, You won't hear one said without the other.

Recent projects include the Live From the Body Tap Mix Tape compilation and the Real Talk Streets of Atlanta DVD.
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