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Artist of the Month
Every month DJ-XRated.com will showcase Atlanta's artist of the month. 

How to become X's Artist of the Month?
  1. Email us your track, name, picture and bio.
  2. Create your own buzz and become the talk of Atlanta.


:: Hefner :: August 2007

Genre: hip hop / rap
MySpace: myspace.com/hefner1980
Song: Beat Da Brake Off

When asked what he contributes to hip-hop, solo artist Hefner declares, The truth. Hailing from East Oakland, California, Hefner admits he did not grow up dodging bullets at the playground or witnessing gang wars at the movie theater. His lyrics are a direct result of his in-depth experiences with a plethora of women, reflected by his very name. Hefner prides himself on spitting about that which he knows rather than following the gangsta rap path of so many other hip-hop heads. His father, now deceased, was absent during Hefners childhood, so his mother raised his older brother and him by herself. Consequently, Hefner maintains a close relationship with his mother, whom he describes as his best friend. She supports her talented seed in his determination to delve deep into the music industry to establish his niche, and as his number one fan, she knows all his lyrics verbatim. When he was a youngster, Hefner switched coasts to Atlanta, GA, where he has resided for 8 years. It was only a few years prior to that relocation that an older cat introduced him to hip-hop. That mentor encouraged him to explore his talent, thus, Hefner continued to perfect his craft. In Atlanta he joined the rap group, WHO, with whom he trekked up a winding passageway of development and perseverance in order to formally enter through the front door of the rap game. In 2003, WHO dropped the club-banging single, Yall Dont Want It, which was well received on the airwaves of Hot 107.9 and bumped in Atlanta dance halls. That same year, WHO released Greed, one of an anticipated seven albums that were to be named after each deadly sin. However, the group disbanded after the first album much to Hefners benefit since his professional presence easily overshadows any group. This bachelors style is often likened to a new age Akinyele because his content is disgusting; on the other hand, his technique is untouchable his wordplay is dripping with ingenuity and wit. He tells his story via a laid back, Midwestern-ish delivery, and although Hefner exploits his gigolo lifestyle in his work, he also taps into his daily goings-on, such as growing up without his father and financial struggles. He credits himself with creating songs where one is always distinguishable from another, a not-so-common attribute in the recent batch of rap albums. And no one is an artist unless he or she can display constant headway in his or her craft. Hefner exhibits evolvement through his expansive vocabulary, making it possible for him to simply sprinkle, and not saturate, his lyrics with expletives. Also, since becoming a solo artist, he has a better understanding of the game. He knows how to please his audience while remaining authentic to Hefner. The 22-year-old playboy deems himself The greatest unsigned talent on the planet. He toots his own horn, exuding a hefty amount of confidence. But Hefner still acknowledges the motivation behind his success: his 5-year-old son (not to mention the disappointment he experiences when he hears all the wack songs that the radio slips out these days). Luckily for us, Hefner recently created his own studio so that he can pump out song after song (lately, he has been writing/performing his songs and writing for other artists). Expect loads of success from this enticing, unwavering personality, as Hefner aspires to one day create his own label, produce albums, and introduce talented artists. Even after Hefners music career climaxes, he plans to remain true to his first love, music, rather than venture into other areas of entertainment he wishes for his status as a rap artist to come before anything else. Authenticity at its finest.

++ Credits ++
Bio from myspace.com/hefner1980

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