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Artist of the Month
Every month DJ-XRated.com will showcase Atlanta's artist of the month. 

How to become X's Artist of the Month?
  1. Email us your track, name, picture and bio.
  2. Create your own buzz and become the talk of Atlanta.


Rapper CYCO
:: CYCO :: September

Genre: hip hop / rap
MySpace: myspace.com/cycomusicpage
Song: Supa Freak

This is a formal introduction to the artist Cyco. Cyco is one of the first of a new wave of hip-hop artists on the horizon. Although he does have his own distinct style and swagger, Cyco is one of the pioneering young artist pushing the envelop and meshing sounds from all genres. His sound is first and foremost southern, but intertwined in his music is east coast lyricism and an almost hard-core rock edge. Cyco honed his skills in the seemingly quiet and suburban setting of Stone Mountain, Georgia, a largely black community east of Atlanta. By easily standing out in battle ciphers, local talent contests and teen clubs in neighboring city Decatur, Cyco has caused many listeners to take notice. When asked about where he draws his inspiration, he modestly replies, “I just watch the pioneers before me, stay true to myself, and speak the truth.” Cyco admits that he can’t specifically say how long he has been rapping, but quantifies it by saying as long as he can remember. At such a young age, the scariest part about his impressive development is the potential monster that still lies dormant. Cyco’s infectious style and lyrical prowess has attracted an all star cast of support and power players. Some of Cyco’s most recent projects feature production credits by Sincere, Nick, Izreal and SL, four producers who have scored credits on various artists’ projects. Cyco’s drive and unrelenting work ethic combined with his God given talent will undoubtedly place him in the forefront of the rap game

++ Credits ++
Bio from myspace.com/cycomusicpage

CYCO Artist of the Month

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