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The Hottest Song

DJ X-RATED's Artist of the Month

Every month DJX-RATED.COM gives credit where it is deserved and spotlights an artist of the month. Not just anyone can become the artist of the month. An artist must have a hot record, a buzz and a grind to be selected. Atlanta has a lot of artists grinding their way to the top. Keep on checking back each month to find out which artist is on their grind and has the hottest now sound.

Atlanta Artist of the Month August 2010 - Scrapp De Leon

What's in a name these days; absolutely nothing but in the case of Atlanta rap artist Scrapp De Leon...

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Artist of the Month - Archives
August 2010 - Stuey Rock
June 2010 - Nuk Grissle
May 2010 - B.o.B.
April 2010 - Tracy T
March 2010 - Waka Flocka Flame
February 2010 - Roscoe Dash
January 2010 - Alley Boy
December 2009 - Travis Porter
November 2009 - Bay Dilla
October 2009 - Robyn Fly
September 2009 - Young Swift
August 2009 - Skinny P
July 2009 - Dorrough
June 2009 - Ken Folk
May 2009 - Prynce
April 2009 - Gucci Mane
March 2009 - Tez McClain
February 2009 - Gorilla Zoe
January 2009 - Shawty Redd
December 2008 - OJ Da Juiceman
November 2008 - Lil Scrappy
October 2008 - Young Capone
September 2008 - Concrete Rose
August 2008 - Juney Boomdata
July 2008 - G Fiive
June 2008 - Sonny Rich
May 2008 - G-Life
April 2008 - Lil Key
March 2008 - King Kun
February 2008 - Superstar
January 2008 - Zeke
December 07 - J.R. Get Money
Nobember 07 - 2Tymes
October 07 - Mony Karlo
September 07 - CYCO
August 07 - Hefner
July 07 - The Pope
June 07 - T-RILLA
May 07 - Frank Ripp
April 07 - Soulja Boy

Artist of the Month
Every month will showcase Atlanta's artist of the month. 

How to become X's Artist of the Month?
  1. Email us your track, name, picture and bio.
  2. Create your own buzz and become the talk of Atlanta.

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